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Atlanta Criminal Defense Lawyers > Blog > In the News > Woman Left Dangling After Driving Drunk

Woman Left Dangling After Driving Drunk

A driver in Atlanta was arrested on a driving under the influence charge after her car was discovered dangling from an upper level in a Buckhead parking garage. According to reports, the incident occurred last Thursday night near Morosgo Drive.

Officials say that Madison Merritt was trying to stop another vehicle in front of her. She was unable to do so and sped her vehicle in order to catch up. Instead of making the turn to go up the next level in the garage, Merritt went straight, crashing into a guard cable and heading over the edge of the deck. When police responded, they found Merritt in the passenger seat.

Police say that the woman appeared to be highly intoxicated and was unaware of her location. An officer removed her from the vehicle using the rear passenger door. Merritt was unable to walk to the patrol car without assistance and her speech was slurred. She was taken to Grady Memorial Hospital for observation and then taken into custody. Officers said that there was significant damage to the woman’s car which was eventually impounded.

Whether or not Merritt was released from custody was not immediately clear.

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